Privacy Policy

PL – Solicitors International Office respects privacy and is thankfull of the trust clients have on us.
Your personal data is exclusively used in our professional relationship and in the files which were contracted between us.
The personal data of our clients is carefully kept and we are always at the disposal to any contact, in order to dispose of any further information and/or materialize your rights.

We comply with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) rules, and with the obligation predicted by our Professional Statutes of OSAE (Ordem dos Solicitadores e Agentes de Execução), published in the Law 154/2015 (Journal 1, Series 179 of 14/09/2015), in what Profession Secrecy is concerned.

To all type of questions related to your personal data, please contact us through:

António Manuel Pedroso Leal
» Phone: 249 813 811 

» Email:

Or use the company’s general contacts.

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